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Ten years ago my wife and I purchased Columbus Hockey & Skate Center, as it was called back then, to keep roller skating and family fun here in Columbus. Our goal since that moment has always been to relocate inside city limits, and to build something nice for our community. And so, for the last ten years, we've dedicated a lot of time and effort into making this happen.

In an effort to make our online registration and party reservation systems easier to operate, and faster to complete, Columbus Event Center has completed an update of both of these systems.

Curious as to what we'll be offering at our new facility? If you coach a local youth or adult sports team, have a child participating in local sports programs, or are just looking for an all around fun place to go, you'll want to see this!

Columbus deserves better, and has been waiting long enough for a family fun center. We have been working hard for the past fifteen years to put our business in a position to relocate inside city limits. With time running out on our chances to do so, as our current location continues to deteriorate putting us at risk of losing a home to operate out of, we figured we would try something a little unique.

Last week, we introduced everyone to our upcoming efforts to build a new family fun center and sports complex inside city limits. Now that we've let you in our plans, we'd like to provide additional information for the many different ways you can help us make this happen.

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