Columbus Event Center has operated in Columbus, Nebraska, since January of 2001. Throughout our time with you, we have been a place for kids and families to go for safe and supervised fun here in Columbus. You have supported us for many years despite our poor location outside of town and operating out of a building that is in complete disrepair. Despite all of that, many of you have continued to support our business, putting up with much more than you ever should have. It was never our intention to still be at the Wishbones location this long, nor could we have imagined the damage that old building would take in just a few short years. There are so many different events and activities we've been wanting to offer, but never had the proper facility in which to do it.

It has been our goal all along to build and relocate inside of town to give you all the facility you truly deserve. For us, it has always been about you and doing what's best for our community. Over the years we have listened to you and put together an amazing plan that blends elements of a sports complex with those of a family fun center so that there is something fun for everyone. With indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment options, and even food and beverage service as well, this facility would have it all. Best of all, it would be all together under one roof, in a brand new building, inside the city limits of Columbus!

The past few months have been very difficult for all of us. Directed Health Measures from the State of Nebraska had forced us to remain closed to the general public for nearly three months. By the time we were allowed to reopen on a limited basis, we were at our slowest point of the year as a seasonal business.

We have taken advantage of this downtime and turned our focus back toward our relocation efforts. As many of you know, we have been trying to build a proper indoor and outdoor sports complex and family fun center inside the city limits of Columbus for some time. Our plans have been complete for over a year now, but we have always remained just short on funding to move the project forward to groundbreaking. Regardless, we continue to press on toward this goal and hope to collaborate with others in the community to do this the right way for Columbus. Our community desires and deserves such a facility, and it is our hope that we can come together as a community to make it happen.

Columbus Event Center is excited to announce a partnership with a newly formed non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing facilities and funding for sports right here in Columbus, Nebraska. The Columbus Sports Foundation will help lead the way toward this new facility for Columbus as its initial mission. Their goal is to build a self-supporting facility available to everyone in the community capable of year-round leagues, tournaments, and other events and activities for local families. The Foundation will also raise funds to assist with registration fees and equipment for participating in sports throughout Columbus, including AYSO, midget football, softball and baseball leagues, YMCA programs, school functions, and more. While we have been unsuccessful in finding enough investor backing to break ground as a for-profit business, it is our hope that by partnering with this non-profit organization we can help them achieve this goal for our community, culminating in a new facility to be managed by the Columbus Sports Foundation with input and guidance from sports programs and facilities throughout our community.

The overall mission of the Columbus Sports Foundation is to ultimately give back to our own community by not only providing the necessary facilities our community needs, but also to help with registration fees and equipment costs for Columbus families who (especially now) may be struggling to catch up on their bills and keep food on the table. This mission is right in line with our own goals, and is a worthy cause for our community to take up.

In an effort to speed up the process and reduce their workload, Columbus Event Center will be donating all of the planning and work we had done in our efforts for a new facility. We will make this information available to the Columbus Sports Foundation, giving them a significant head start on their efforts. Hopefully, the group can simply focus on the capital campaign needed to raise the money necessary and get this facility up and running as soon as possible. We hope that you'll check them out and support their efforts so that we can truly improve the quality of life for every family here in Columbus.

While the Columbus Event Center isn't going anywhere, we do hope you'll support the Columbus Sports Foundation. This has been a personal goal of ours for so many years and we want to help see it through. We are happy to let the Columbus Sports Foundation take the lead toward a successful campaign and will be right alongside to help in any way we can. By working together with others in our community, we can build something that offers so much for so many in a facility unique enough to set Columbus apart from other communities who have generic sports facilities. We hope you'll join us. Check out the Columbus Sports Foundation website for more details.

Jason Beiermann, Owner
Columbus Event Center

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