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ALERT: Wishbones Closed

Columbus Event Center is currently looking for a new home. Our Wishbones location had to be closed as the property was sold and will be torn down in the near future to make room for a new development of some sort. We continue to explore options for relocating and hope to find a new home soon. Please check back for updates. Thank you for over 20 years of support!

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About a month ago, we wrote about the possibility of having to close our doors at Wishbones if we couldn’t find a new home. That letter received a tremendous response online, with many people wondering what happens after we close up at Wishbones. We do have some potentially good news about that.

In our last letter, we put a timeline on our decision to close our doors at Wishbones. We decided to give it two more years so that we have sufficient time to continue working on finding a new facility to operate out of. Plus, we wanted everyone to have a heads up of what will happen if we aren't able to relocate, mostly so folks could enjoy the facility during this time without it being a surprise down the road. We certainly hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity while they still can. For those who have misunderstood our previous letter, we are not closed and won't be closing for at least two years.

So what's next? What happens when we close our doors at Wishbones in a couple of years? Hopefully, we will stop operations at Wishbones because we will have found a new home to operate out of! That has always been our goal, and that work will continue until we successfully relocate, or run out of options and have to close our doors for good. We are not giving up!

The good news is we are currently discussing at least a couple of options with potential developers for construction of a brand new facility. This means that if we can successfully negotiate a number of things (and there's plenty that has to be discussed), we may be able to secure a long-term, brand-new facility to move to in the near future! We will certainly be keeping everyone posted on our progress in future updates as information becomes available.

After our last letter, we had a lot of people asking how they could help or contribute to the cause. Honestly, we just want everyone to come out and have some fun. Not only does your support of our events and activities financially support our efforts, but your enjoyment of those activities validate our belief that this is something our community wants and needs. Seeing everyone having a good time also gives us the energy and desire to continue working hard toward this goal.

Right now, we are just a couple of days away from the registration deadline of our Fall indoor soccer league. We'd love to see a good turnout for this league, especially with those discussions for a new facility ongoing. For those who may be participating in other activities already this Fall, you can also sign up early for our Winter and/or Spring seasons if you'd like. Or, we have a roller hockey league just around the corner as well. Of course, there's always our skate nights and birthday parties, or our laser tag and arcade.

We just need you to come out to Wishbones and have fun. We don’t care if you stop out to skate, play laser tag, have a birthday party, or play in one of our sports leagues. Or, perhaps your sports team is looking for a practice facility for the Winter months. I know that what we currently have isn’t much, but by showing up right now you will help us build the proper facility you deserve in the future. We’re not talking about a facility for just one or two types of activities, or a facility for just the kids. We are talking about a multi-purpose, community center that will have a little bit of something for all ages.

For our local sports enthusiasts, imagine both hard court and indoor artificial turf surfaces for your practices, training, leagues, or tournaments. Imagine indoor batting cages and simulators providing real-time data to our local baseball and softball coaches (or for indoor hitting leagues). Imagine outdoor grass or turf fields so that we can play outside when the weather turns nice. Imagine us teaming up with others to better train and prepare athletes, to put the best Columbus has to offer up against other towns.

For families, imagine a larger skating rink for more room so kids aren’t tripping over each other so often. Imagine a more flexible schedule that allows us to offer more skate sessions, including special times for our youngest guests. Imagine bounce houses and play areas and other fun activities for those younger ones, too. How about more availability for parties and other special events? And, the flexibility of our indoor spaces to host concerts, reunions, receptions, and more...a true multi-purpose community space! Of course, when the weather warms up, we’ll offer other fun seasonal/outdoor entertainment, including go karts, outdoor batting cages, miniature golf, and more!

We’d have no shortage of fun sports or entertainment options. All of our activities (as always) will be open to both kids and adults. We’re also planning a small restaurant as well, so you’ll have a nice place to go for food and fun in one convenient location.

Our facility would be a true family fun center and sports complex! Finally, a climate-controlled, clean, and organized facility inside city limits…the type of place we know you all deserve but just haven’t been able to offer at Wishbones.

If this all sounds great, then we need your support now. We need to pack the rink on our skate nights. Fridays are great for elementary and junior high kids, while Saturdays are best for the youngest skaters, beginners, and families.

We need your participation in our indoor soccer, roller hockey, and dodgeball leagues. And, we’re not talking about just kids. We have adult divisions in each of those sports, too! We’ll be offering recreational (beginners) and competitive (experienced) brackets in our sports as well, so there is a division for everyone!

If your child plays on a local club sports team, be sure to consider us for your upcoming Winter practices. We know it may not be the best option out there, but it really makes all the difference at this moment. Even if you can’t (or won’t) use our Wishbones facility, however harmful that is to our efforts, you can still visit and complete a brief questionnaire telling us how you would use a new facility. Your responses will not only help us prove there is enough of a commitment for all of these great things in a single, conveniently located facility, but your feedback will also help us build the right size of facility to meet the current needs of our community while leaving room for the future as well.

Just remember that those who get involved now and support us now despite our current facility’s shortcomings, those groups will have priority access to the new facility! Those who are unwilling to respond or make due with what we have at Wishbones for a short time will be behind those who are currently supporting us. So, don't let your organization lose a golden opportunity for prime access to our brand new facility once it's built...get on board now!

We hope that you’ll share this message just as widely as you did our first. We want everyone to know that we aren’t giving up, and that what I’ve described above is a real possibility here in Columbus with your support right now! I'm not going to lie, the cost to make this happen is pretty high, and it is going to take some local support to get this rolling forward. Be sure to share this with your schools, teachers, students, friends, family, and neighbors. Share this update with your coaches, players, club organizers, and other businesses.

Your support NOW will be critical to whether or not we can move forward into a new home before it’s too late.

Please continue to check our website and social media locations for ongoing updates to our efforts for a new facility. We will be emailing and posting updates online. Please share with your family or friends to help us make this happen. Thanks in advance for your help!

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