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ALERT: Wishbones Closed

Columbus Event Center is currently looking for a new home. Our Wishbones location had to be closed as the property was sold and will be torn down in the near future to make room for a new development of some sort. We continue to explore options for relocating and hope to find a new home soon. Please check back for updates. Thank you for over 20 years of support!

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Curious as to what we'll be offering at our new facility? If you coach a local youth or adult sports team, have a child participating in local sports programs, or are just looking for an all around fun place to go, you'll want to see this!

We've been working hard to relocate inside city limits, into the type of building and location that everyone in our area deserves. We certainly don't enjoy Wishbones, which honestly prevents us from being able to offer all of the great ideas we've come up with or heard from the community. We've been listening to feedback and suggestions from folks like you about what our community needs, and what we'd like to see available in a town our size. We've put together a great plan, but now just need a final push of support to move forward. Here's a brief overview of what we have in store for the community, broken down into two major categories, if we can relocate:

Our new facility will likely feature two separate surfaces to play sports on. The first will be a larger version of our existing roller skating/roller hockey rink. We currently own enough dasher boards and tempered glass for something more than double the current size of our rink at Wishbones, but just no room to use it. At a new facility, we will put that extra equipment to use, and more than double the surface area available. In addition to roller skating, our skate court will be used for roller hockey, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, just to name a few.

We will also have an artificial indoor turf field as well, making it a perfect place for indoor soccer, football, baseball, and softball. In our turf arena, we will have netting and curtains to divide the surface into smaller sections so that multiple teams can use the space at the same time for a number of different activities. We'll have indoor batting cages, pitching machines, larger soccer goals, and more. In the summer months, when activities move outdoors, our turf will be rolled up so as to use the space for other special events as listed below.

During the warmer months, we'll take the games outdoors by offering at least a couple of grass fields for our own leagues or local team practices. We'll also have sand courts available as well.

While our facility may be available to host any of the previously named sports, this list is not in any way inclusive of every possibility out there. Also, we may not be hosting leagues for each of those sports, but rather could have our facility available for anything ranging from practices and leagues to tournaments or other special events.

As previously mentioned, we will have more than double the surface area for roller skating than is available currently at our Wishbones location. Our laser tag arena will be double in size as well, and will be fully enclosed in its own room complete with new lighting, fog machines, and themed decor. Our redemption arcade and prize counter will be bigger as well. We'll also have more room for more parties, a more flexible schedule for special skate sessions for our youngest enthusiasts, and more. We'll have room for bounce houses as well. As a member of the Roller Skating Association, we are also considering offering their roller skating STEM program to our local schools.

On the turf side of our indoor facility, we will roll up the turf during the warmer months to allow a large part of our facility to be rented for receptions, concerts, and other special events. The main goal of this facility is to be as flexible as possible for whatever great ideas our community throws at us.

As for outdoors, we are planning to offer Go Karts, a second miniature golf course, paintball arena, outdoor batting cages, rock climbing wall, just to name a few. Obviously, we won't likely be offering these items on opening day, but have plans to add these entertainment options as space and finances allow. During the colder winter months, we may even freeze a patio for a small outdoor ice skating option.

Another major portion of the entertainment side of our business model is the addition of a food service option (or restaurant of some sort). As an added convenience on those practice or league nights, or during our skate sessions and special events, being able to offer a unique setting for a good meal will finally be possible. Or, for those who may not necessarily have a use for our facility, but are passing by would have an additional option for lunch and dinner.

The above list is not complete, and new ideas are always welcome. It has been our goal to bring a facility like this to Columbus for over 15 years. With your help, support, and commitment to use such a facility, we can make it happen. Please take a moment to consider how your team or organization could use such a facility. If you'd like to have access to such a space, complete our commitment survey/questionnaire.

And, to help speed up the process of getting to that new home, consider helping us pack the rink at our current Wishbones facility. We know it isn't the prettiest thing out there, but your support now goes a long way to making this move forward. Thanks in advance for your support and feedback!

Please continue to check our website and social media locations for ongoing updates to our efforts for a new facility. We will be emailing and posting updates online. Please share with your family or friends to help us make this happen. Thanks in advance for your help!

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