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ALERT: Wishbones Closed

Columbus Event Center is currently looking for a new home. Our Wishbones location had to be closed as the property was sold and will be torn down in the near future to make room for a new development of some sort. We continue to explore options for relocating and hope to find a new home soon. Please check back for updates. Thank you for over 20 years of support!

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Want a new family fun center and sports complex in Columbus? Here's your chance! As many of you know, we have been working toward a new facility for several years. Most recently, we made an offer for the former YMCA building, which would have been a great location for what we have been wanting to bring to town for some time. With that option no longer on the table, we have only one choice a new facility!

The cost to build a new facility is high. Due to our limited operating abilities at Wishbones, it is difficult to prove to potential investors or bankers that building a new facility is feasible. You don't have to convince us, as we are well aware of the potential such a facility would be for sports and family entertainment here in Columbus.

In an effort to get the ball rolling and to relocate our company inside city limits, Columbus Event Center is issuing a challenge to people in the Columbus area: show your support for our current Wishbones location, and we'll be able to build a new facility inside city limits! There will be a number of different ways for people to participate, all with the goal of helping us build the type of facility you all deserve.

Not having many "connections", we are going a more non-conventional route to make this happen. We are looking for a grassroots campaign of support from the very people who would like to see such a facility built. No taxpayer dollars, no special handouts. Just a facility built by the people of Columbus, for the people of Columbus. Columbus Event Center is family-owned and operated, and that family-friendly operation will continue at any new location. Young or old, families and individuals, this facility will be built for you. With your help, we can make it happen!

The challenge is simple...if you want to see a new facility built, stop out and show your support at our current location at Wishbones. Stop out for a skate session, or to play laser tag or the arcade. Have a birthday party at the rink. Sign up for one of our sports leagues. Rent the facility for your team's practices. Basically, come out for some fun! This is your chance to show lenders that Columbus is willing to support such a facility.

Our days at Wishbones are numbered. We outgrew our facility years ago. It isn't located in a very convenient or accessible location. And, its condition continues to deteriorate rapidly. If we are unsuccessful in our efforts for a new home, there is a good chance that we will have to close our doors strictly due to a lack of a suitable facility to operate out of. We know Wishbones isn't big enough, or in the best location, and is in pretty rough shape. We're doing everything we can to get out of that location and into something much nicer, and in a much more convenient location accessible by foot or bike.

Imagine a facility with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment. Imagine having the choice of up to ten or more sports options, some of which are not currently available in our city. Imagine a facility that has a little something for everyone, with programs and activities for all ages. Proper training facilities for our youth sports teams and athletes, delicious food to go along with our fun events and activities, and numerous other uses to benefit our community. It is a facility that will truly be a destination for northeast Nebraska!

Next week, we will lay out in greater detail the five major ways you can assist in this effort: sharing, suggestions, participation, pledging, and investing. We encourage you to get started today by sharing this information with your family and friends. Follow us on social media (see our links below), sign up for our email news and specials, like and share our posts. Then, just show up and have fun at our facility. We'll be posting often about how you can help, future programs and possibilities of a new facility, and much more.

So, will you help us prove that Columbus is willing to support such a facility? If we are successful, a new family fun center and sports complex is in Columbus' future. If not, then there may be just a few years (or less) remaining for the fun center at Wishbones. It's up to you, Columbus.

Please continue to check our website and social media locations for ongoing updates to our efforts for a new facility. We will be emailing and posting updates online. Please share with your family or friends to help us make this happen. Thanks in advance for your help!

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