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ALERT: Wishbones Closed

Columbus Event Center is currently looking for a new home. Our Wishbones location had to be closed as the property was sold and will be torn down in the near future to make room for a new development of some sort. We continue to explore options for relocating and hope to find a new home soon. Please check back for updates. Thank you for over 20 years of support!

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We spend a lot of time talking about all of the different things we offer at our facility, and we certainly hope that you enjoy your time with us. Today, we wanted to take a moment to reach out to everyone with an update on our progress on finding a new home for our fun center and indoor sports complex.

As many of you know, we have been trying for several years to relocate into the type of facility you all deserve to enjoy. Over the past three or four years, we've been working two different angles. One had us purchasing a facility that was to become available, only to not be available, then available again. We've gone back-and-forth between buying a property or building our own, only to unsuccessfully attempt to purchase said facility when it was finally on the market. This process has been long and drawn out, and only delayed our move forward.

With only one option remaining - building our own facility - we can now fully focus on just one way to make this happen. Building our own facility will actually be better for everyone in Columbus, as we will be able to put up exactly what everyone wants, with more options than would have been available at that other building, indoors and out. But, we need your help!

To those of you who have supported us week in and week out, THANK YOU! You don't realize how much this support means to us. Those who stop out every once and awhile, you are awesome, too. You all are the very reason we want to make this new facility happen. Despite being located in an inconvenient location, and operating out of an obviously worn down facility, we appreciate your willingness to help us continue pushing forward to a new home.

To those of you who haven't ever been to our facility, or haven't been by in some time, we hope you'll come back and help us make this happen. Perhaps our facility isn't perfect for your group's needs, or it's appearance isn't pleasant...we get that. However, one struggle we've had over these past few years is the comment that "we'd support you if you had a bigger or better place." Problem is, how can we get to that bigger or better place without your support now? It becomes quite difficult to prove to potential investors or banks that such a project could be successful without support NOW.

Trust us. We are doing everything we can to make this happen. The end result will be quite spectacular, with a number of different events, activities, sports, and entertainment for not only kids, but all ages as well. We won't be limited to just nights and weekends. We also won't be limited to just indoor activities, either. It will become a destination for fun for Columbus and all of northeast Nebraska. Think of the positive impact that will have on other local businesses and our community.

Best of all, with all of the talk about improving "quality of life" in Columbus, Nebraska, this isn't something that is being forced to a vote of the taxpayers. We aren't going to take on any handouts from the city, and we certainly aren't going to force the taxpayers to foot the bill. We simply want your support to make it happen. In exchange, we'll provide the most enjoyable and fun experience for you and your family. It really is as simple as that. In fact, we want to build this facility using materials and contractors from within Columbus to further benefit the community, and so that it can be something everyone in Columbus can take pride in or have some part in making possible.

So, we ask that in the coming year, you consider stopping out for some skating, laser tag, or a birthday party. Enjoy a bite to eat and have fun all in one location. Or, sign up for one of our indoor sports leagues (soccer, hockey, or dodgeball). We promise a quality, organized league with a goal of making your child a better athlete, all while having an awesome experience. Consider purchasing one of our season passes. We offer a one-year skate pass or a one-year league pass to save you hundreds of dollars for even more fun. We have a number of different fun things to do, with many more in store for our new home.

No matter how you choose to support us - despite our current building location or condition - we hope you'll do so with an end goal of making the quality of life in Columbus better for area families. Your level of support will help us determine if we move forward with this project sooner than later, and what exactly we'll be able to offer once we get there.

Regardless, we are very grateful for the support you've given us over our first ten years of ownership, and we look forward to many, many more (in a fancy new place, preferably).

Please note, if you are a local contractor or supplier and are interested in being involved with such a project, please contact us right away. Or, if you are an ordinary, every day citizen who'd like to support us in some way, financially or otherwise, we'd be happy to hear from you as well. Financial support is key, but word of mouth is very powerful as well. Contact us by phone at 402-562-5663 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Either method will put you directly in touch with the owners, and all discussions will remain as private as you'd like them to be. Thank You!

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