Columbus Event Center is pleased to announce it has launched another great way to stay in touch with a new app for both Android and Apple devices.

Our new app contains quick links to contact us, our skating hours and pricing information, map to our facility, an information page, and social media postings. There is also a sharing option to help your friends quickly and easily get a copy of the app for themselves. You can also receive last-minute reminders about registration deadlines, specials, or other important information directly through our app.

But, there are two additional features that make our app even better. One is our built-in 'Punch Card'. At launch, this punch card will help you earn a free combo meal, including meal, side, and drink, after picking up enough stamps. The nice thing about this punch card is that you don't have to carry any additional cards. As long as you have your phone (or other device) with you, we'll add stamps to your punch card.

The other feature is a built-in deals or offers section, where you can take advantage of other specials only available to those who have the app.

Don't miss out, and download your copy of our app today:

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