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Save up to $684 with a FUN PASS!

Take advantage of our new FUN PASS option, which includes:
  • Admission to every Friday and Saturday night skate session ($624 value)
  • Skate rental is included ($260 value)
  • FUN PASS can be purchased any time of the year
  • FUN PASS is good for one year from the date of purchase

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- How to buy a FUN PASS Signing up for a FUN PASS is easy! We need basic contact information for each FUN PASS you wish to purchase. Then, checkout like you would any other online transaction in our secure online store. Simply click here to purchase your FUN PASS today! You can do this any hour of the day through our online store or in person at the Event Center. We can also take orders by phone (credit card required). That's all there is to it! - Giving a FUN PASS as a gift? Our FUN PASSES make great, fun gifts! If you would like to give a FUN PASS as a gift, but don't want to worry about losing weeks of admissions or skate rentals, just let us know. We can make the FUN PASS valid for a start date of your choosing! Just choose the FUN PASS GIFT item from our online store, type in your preferred activation date, and we'll take care of the rest. - How to use the FUN PASS Using the FUN PASS is extremely simple. Just present your FREE membership card at the front counter when you arrive. If you forget your card at home, don't worry. We can pull up accounts by name, if needed. The cashier will scan your card and the computer system will automatically verify whether or not your card is valid, and then deduct your admission (and optional skate rental) from your account. You will not pay anything at the door as everything is already programmed onto your membership card. You will still receive a wristband (and skate rental ticket, if applicable), and then you're free to enjoy the facility. It's that easy! - No additional cards to carry FUN PASS admissions (and optional skate rentals) are already automatically tracked in our computer system through your existing guest account. Those who already have a FREE membership card from Columbus Event Center will utilize that same card for speedy check-in upon arrival to the facility. There are no additional, separate cards, passes, stamps, tickets, or wristbands to keep track of. Those who don't already have a FREE membership will receive one upon purchase of the FUN PASS. For additional safe and fun benefits of our FREE memberships, click here. - The 'Terms & Conditions' A FUN PASS may only be used by the guest to which it is assigned. FUN PASSES are not valid until paid in full. FUN PASSES are good for one calendar year (365 days) from the date of purchase and include up to 208 skate sessions (both Friday sessions and both Saturday sessions every week). FUN PASSES with optional skate rental added are good for up to 104 skate rentals per calendar year (one rental for Friday and one rental for Saturday every week). Any unauthorized use of the FUN PASS by anyone other than the assigned guest will result in the forfeiture of the FUN PASS and all remaining, unused admissions and/or skate rentals.

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