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There are plenty of reasons to become a member of the Columbus Event Center. Not only are memberships free, but you also get to take advantage of several great benefits and features:
  • Members are automatically enrolled in our 'Rink Rewards' program
  • Members receive special discounts and other promotions not available to the public
  • Membership cards double as cash cards for quicker checkout and are safer than carrying cash
  • Parents can reload membership cards from home and include spending restrictions
  • Store redemption tickets won on your account for safe keeping

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- Members are automatically enrolled in 'Rink Rewards' Columbus Event Center has a rewards program, and members are automatically enrolled with any free membership. The more fun you have at the Event Center, the more rewards you get to take advantage of. With different rewards available at different levels of participation, you won't find any boring prizes in the list. Our rewards program automatically adds special discounts, coupons, and freebies to your membership card for use on a future visit. By loading your rewards directly onto your membership card, you don't have to worry about carrying extra coupons or other paperwork. Just bring your card and you're good to go! - Membership cards double as cash cards Worried about carrying cash when you visit the Event Center? A common issue is when loose cash is dropped on the floor. Unfortunately, not everyone in today's world is honest, and the money is not returned to its rightful owner. Prevent this problem by storing your cash on your membership card. If you drop or lose your membership card, just let us know and we will put a block on the card. We can even issue you a new card number if you'd like (for a small replacement fee), rendering the original card useless. With added security features like your personal photo being displayed on the register screen, our staff can identify if a card is not being used by its intended owner. - Speedy checkout at the cash register Using your membership card as a cash card also gets you through the checkout line more quickly. Instead of waiting for the cashier to issue change, the balance due is simply subtracted from your membership card, allowing you to get right back into the fun in less time than fumbling with cash and coins. - Parental controls for membership cards Parents also have additional control over how the cards are used. Cards can be limited to a set spending limit for the day, keeping a child from using all of the money on an account in a single visit. Parents can also identify which departments the membership card funds can be used for making purchases (admission, concessions, merchandise, etc). For example, if a parent were to put $50 on a card, mom or dad could limit the child to just $10 per day, only allowing money to be spent on admission or concessions, but no toys. Every parent can customize how they want their cards limited, and each child can be set up differently. Ask us for more details about parental controls. - Reload the card online or by phone Parents also have the ability to reload a membership card from home (or on a mobile device if on the road). If a child is dropped off at the Event Center without cash, it is an extra trip back to the rink to leave money with the child. With our membership cards, parents can reload the card over the phone or through our website's online store, saving a trip back until the end of the day. - NEW Redemption and arcade benefits With our new arcade and ticket redemption games, customers are giving a receipt worth the value of the tickets won. However, if you lose that slip, you lose all of your winnings. With a membership card, you can transfer your winning tickets onto your account for safe keeping so you don't have to worry about keeping track of those ticket receipts. Come back for another visit and we'll pull up the tickets off of your account and add them to any new tickets won, or redeem them for prizes.

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