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Bounce Houses / Inflatables

ALERT: Wishbones Closed

Columbus Event Center is currently looking for a new home. Our Wishbones location had to be closed as the property was sold and will be torn down in the near future to make room for a new development of some sort. We continue to explore options for relocating and hope to find a new home soon. Please check back for updates. Thank you for over 20 years of support!

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Space Walk Inflatables of Columbus

Columbus Event Center is partnering with Space Walk of Columbus to offer more year-round fun for the Columbus area. Space Walk has been serving the Columbus community since 2015, providing a variety of inflatables for public use. Space Walk takes pride in offering clean units for parties and events. They are fully licensed and insured, and have a big focus on safety for their customers. Inflatables are available to rent throughout the year at private residences, businesses, parks, community events, and more.

With this partnership, Columbus Event Center will offer indoor space for any special event that requires an inflatable unit, including birthday parties where you might want a guarantee from inclement weather. Or, for those who may not have an outdoor space available (or indoor space during colder winter months), Columbus Event Center will be able to provide the space you need for your party or event.

Interested in Renting an Inflatable?

If you're interested in renting an inflatable unit for your next party or special event, please visit the Space Walk website using the button below. They can also be reached by phone at (402) 200-3689. If you're needing to rent a bounce house or other inflatable unit, but need indoor space for your event, just mention that you'd like to host it at Columbus Event Center and we'll work together to get it lined up for you (no additional charge for facility rental time).

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